Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fiesole & Livorno

Just updating on two little Tuscan side trips taken while school has been going on in Florence. The first one is to Fiesole, alittle hill town I had previously been to when hiking in the hills. My friend Laura and I took a quick 2 euro bus trip there and back and found some pretty amazing sites while we were there. Best part is it was Italian Culture week so all the sites/parks where free access to everyone.

Fiesole ruins!

Laura !

Me posing with the arches!

Amphitheater in Fiesole

Duomo again!

Second trip was to Livorno, a large port city not far from Pisa. Once more Laura and I knew we wanted to go somewhere with ocean so Livorno it was. It was a cute little city with lots of greenery and lots of launching of cruise ships and navy ships.

Interesting chairs!

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